Why is logo important…?

If you ask #google, it will return 1000 pages about this question. Or if you are a new age tech savvy guy who wishes to go the other way around and shoot the same question with new tech GENIE called #chatgpt then it would thrill you with an exciting answer within seconds. I don’t know whether the 1000 pages or the single quick witty reply will be able to justify your quest, but for me it didn’t. Surprisingly my #learning came from an unexpected source, which is my 3-year-old son. His answer made me rethink what we were doing.
We were out for a family dinner and discussing various restaurants while on the road. Suddenly, my three-year-old son said, “Pizza Hut!” To our surprise, it was his suggestion. Now this was quite a big name for a kindergartener to read, but he did. I was shocked and asked him how he knew about Pizza Hut which we were crossing by. He grinned and said that he recognized the hat which was on the board. Now this doesn’t happen to be a normal conversation for me. If a three-year-old kid who can hardly read can powerfully visualize a logo and name the brand, then that’s not a normal attribute to be left off casually. I was impressed and asked him whether he could recognize other #brands as well. Surprisingly he was able to recollect a few which actually thought me some #powerful lessons that day.

Here are some of the #logos which he was able to recollect and the lessons I learnt from it.!

Logos are a powerful visualization tool of your brand…!

It serves as the face of your business

It is instrumental in establishing your identity.

Helps you differentiate from your competitor.

Represents your company’s values and mission…!

Keeping these lessons in mind we worked hard and created our new logo and we are excited to share it with you…! Feel free to share your views as comments below…! and pls visit www.mukthi.life for more details.

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